Gas flames serviced by plumbers in the South Lake Macquarie area

From Newcastle to Hornsby, we're here for you.

When you need a professional to get the job done right!

At Richard Mathews Plumbing you'll find qualified and experienced plumbers and gasfitters. For any job, big or small in the South Lake Macquarie area. You can rely on our dedicated team of professionals.

With our prompt service and quick response times, you know we're always there when you need us. We operate every day of the year... yep, even Christmas day; just in case you have an emergency.

What makes us different

  1. Extensive experience in all types of gas appliances. Commercial, industrial, and domestic. Richard doesn't just install gas pipes, he gets gas appliances working correctly and safely again
  2. Customer focused service
  3. Richard is trained by Rheem Australia, and AGL. RMP has extensive knowledge and backup for the Rheem water heater range
  4. Green Plumbing - Richard is passionate about saving water by reducing water use and reusing water when possible, and reducing energy use with cool house/warm house principals


Richard Mathews Plumbing specialises in gas appliance repairs and servicing, and all general plumbing work.

We provide expert assistance with:

  • water supply
  • drainage
  • roof
  • storm water
  • water heating

We can also provide government contract work & project management and have extensive knowledge in water efficient technology, water saving strategies and way to reduce your home electricity bill.

For qualified and experienced plumbers and gasfitters, you can rely on us. 

About us

Richard Mathews Plumbing boasts an excellent reputation for superior workmanship and customer service in the South Lake Macquarie area.

Our team of dedicated plumbers and gasfitters are committed to doing a first-rate job every time.

Our tradesmen and customer service staff are always friendly, professional, courteous and reliable.

We only use the best supplies to ensure our work is always of the highest standards.
Richard Mathews Plumbing will always keep energy saving, water saving and environmentally friendly practices in mind to reduce your impact on the environment and your usage costs.

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